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Our expertise is 24 hours emergency response, providing a service to commercial, industrial and residential premises.

Our Services

Blocked Toilets-

When it comes to dealing with blocked toilets, you feel irritated with the stinking smell, unclean sight and the total messy circumstances. Even after repeated attempts of flushing when you feel tired, just pick up your phone and call the drainage expertsDyno Rod R.C.S Ltd.

Emergency Pump Outs-

Emergency pump out situationsare a common scenario which needs an immediate and fast response. With the help of Dyno Rod R.C.S Ltd, you can get 24/7 services in order to fix your problem so you can have a peace of mind. We offer overall structural integrity with the correct diagnosis which helps you to manage and plan your budget accordingly.

Commercial Drains-

Dyno Rod R.C.S Ltd offers regular drain cleaning services for commercial drains. This reduces emergency call out situations and expensive clogging removal. The skilled engineers offer a professional service 24/7 using proper drain cameras that survey pipes properly to understand the issue. We also offer advanced drain repair services with minimum disruption to your business.

Dyno Rod R.C.S Ltd offer comprehensive services throughout Central London and its surrounding areas.